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I founded the With LoveED: Living Eating Disorder Free New Zealand support network in response to my family’s journey with my daughter’s anorexia.


In 2021, I submitted a petition to parliament advocating for more eating disorder experts, resources, and subsidy assistance for families in New Zealand. I called almost every media outlet to tell our experience with the mental health system because change is urgently needed!


WithLoveED is where those healing from an eating disorder and their families can go for support.


Healing or supporting a loved one with an eating disorder can be a lonely road with much conflicting information and confusion on where to go and whom to talk to. We all have the right to access up-to-date, timely, and relevant information.


We can be better equipped to heal or help our loved ones with more understanding.


For more information about my advocacy work for better eating disorder care in NZ, check out the links below:

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